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About Us

JBI's emphasis on the core values of integrity, excellence, and professionalism assures that its interpreters are top quality and fully able to meet the requirements of any organization.


JBI employs interpreters who are nationally certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and are in good standing with the national certifying body by maintaining current membership status, and surpassing the minimum Continuing Education Unit (CEU) requirements mandated to uphold certification. Our interpreters ensure integrity in their actions by adhering to the joint National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc's (RID) Code of Professional Conduct. This includes following the seven guiding principles: Confidentiality; Professionalism; Conduct; Respect for Consumers; Respect for Colleagues; Business Practices; and Professional Development.

JBI requires that its interpreters adhere to the highest standards of reliability, trustworthiness, integrity and confidentiality in every assignment. Many of our interpreters hold an active security clearance.


We possess the skills, experience, and education necessary to understand and interpret the terminology, processes, regulations, concepts, principles, practices, and procedures applicable to your organization. JBI employs interpreters who have earned a Masters of Interpretation degree from the top university in the interpreting field, Gallaudet University. Our interpreters hold degrees concentrating in interpreting and possess a minimum of 5 years of experience. Our interpreters' backgrounds enable JBI to provide quality interpreting services in a variety of situations including, but not limited, to impromptu meetings, technical discussions, phone calls, large group meetings, small group meetings, performance appraisals, office social events, platforms, conferences, and/or briefings. Our interpreters are confident in providing interpreting and transliterating services from sign-to-voice and voice-to-sign in the mode requested by the consumer, such as American Sign Language, Contact Sign, Signed Supported Speech, etc. They are skilled at working in both consecutive and/or simultaneous interpreting.

In addition, JBI works with our consumers to identify his/her language preferences and business preferences. With this information, our team will instinctively contour his/her message production to guarantee the consumer is satisfied. JBI's interpreters understand all elements of an interpreted message such as the linguistic structure, cultural information, prosody, and accuracy which are fundamental to fluency and understanding of the message. JBI's team is also aware of inter-office and departmental information which keeps all consumers abreast of the matters at hand.


JBI's team understands how vital it is for customers and consumers to work with professional interpreters. Our professionalism includes but is not limited to timeliness, confidentiality, behavior, flexibility, attire and professional boundaries.

JBI interpreters are comfortable and confident working with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. They thrive in challenging, creative, and formal work environments. They understand that schedules change and being flexible is critical to ensuring our customer's satisfaction. JBI's interpreters will arrive on time, be appropriately dressed, have a pleasant attitude, be flexible, and be respectful to all participants in the interaction. Due to our advanced educations, extensive knowledge and our years of experience, we are confident in our professionalism and rapport with all our customers and consumers. Our goal is to work with the consumers to meet their needs and make all their interpreted interactions as natural and successful as possible.